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Cranston Ridge Medical Clinic is a teaching medical practice where we have a positive attitude towards undergraduate, graduate, prospective students, and any health care professional who wishes to learn and update their knowledge and skills.

Whatever your level, we are happy to help you achieve your professional goals. Please, click on the section below that applies to you:

I am a prospective undergraduate medical or nursing student and I wish to gain some experience and references before submitting my application to a university.

I am already an undergraduate medical or nursing student and I would like to organize my elective or summer module with you at your clinic.

I am already a physician, a registered nurse or a graduate student. I would like to either organize my elective rotation, gain Canadian healthcare experience in Alberta or work with your clinicians to carry out research or apply for your RN Prescriber Internship Program.

I am a health care professional and I wish to take courses to advance or update my knowledge and skills.

I am an MOA student and I would like to complete my practicum placement with CRMC. How do I go about the process?

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