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Prospective Students

If you're interested in applying to a university program to become either a Physician or a Registered Nurse, we are happy to help you get the needed exposure and experience in order to apply.

This option is open only and exclusively to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents. To apply, all you need to do is to CLICK HERE to send an email to our Clinical Manager including your up-to-date CV.

Please, note that applying on its own DOES NOT assure you a shadowing experience at CRMC. Instead, you will be considered among the many other applicants. If you are shortlisted, you will be contacted by us and requested to do the following:

  • To sit a psychometric test, which you must pass with at least 102 points. Failure to pass this test with a minimum of 102 points will end your application process. The test cannot be re-taken.

  • To undergo a FAMA-enhanced background check. You will be responsible for paying the $83 fees associated with this service. As of September 2023, CRMC no longer accepts police checks for applicants for a prospective student, staff, or volunteer position at this facility. The only certificates accepted by CRMC are FAMA-enhanced Sterling BackCheck for vulnerable groups. No exception applies to this rule.

  • To sign a confidentiality contract valid for CRMC and CSDM.

  • To have your physician or nurse practitioner complete, sign, and stamp the CRMC Immunization Form.

  • To provide your original Canadian passport or PR card. Scans and photocopies are not accepted.

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