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The Medical Office Assistants at CRMC
NOC-2021 Code 13112 

Anita A. Sondej Results-Safe until June 2024 MEWS Certificate
MOA Diploma, HCA Diploma - Registered HCA (🇨🇦#63353)
Deputy Clinical Manager

After having trained as a Medical Office Assistant and as a Health Care Aide and having obtained the relative qualifications, Anita has for many years worked in assisted living settings helping the elderly in our community.

Known for her caring, gentle, and dedicated attitude, she has now joined CRMC to help our patients, especially those with reduced English skills, to access medical services. Anita is your point of contact if you speak Polish and need help with specific issues that you may find difficult to communicate in English.

In August 2023, Anita has accepted the role of Deputy Clinical Manager.

This team member can assist you in:



Lani Abella (Lead MOA) Results-Safe until June 2024 - MEWS Certificate
BSc Med Tech, MOA Diploma (Hons) - Registered HCA (🇨🇦#63353)

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology together with a licence as an educator, Lani has pursued a career dedicated to patient-centred care, working for many years as a Medical Office Assistant since 2014, when she graduated with a Diploma in Medical Office Assistant (Honours) in Calgary.

Lani, known for her incredible patience, caring, and warm attitude is among the most efficient, trustworthy, rigorous, and clinically driven members of our team. Her efforts and diligence guarantee our patients a safe, warm and professional space where their care is priority.

This team member can assist you in:



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Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 15.48.55.png
Angie Tan MEWS Certificate
MOA Diploma (Hons)​ - Registered HCA (🇨🇦#63464)

Angie joined our team after having graduated with the highest marks from her studies leading to the Diploma in Medical Office Assistant from ABES College, in Calgary, Alberta.


Very family-oriented, compassionate, caring, and kind-spirited, we are extremely lucky and blessed to have Angie in our team. She has started working for CRMC on a part-time basis and is your contact if you require someone who speaks Cantonese.

This team member can assist you in:

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  • Who are the Medical Office Assistants?

Medical Office Assistants are trained members of staff who have completed a diploma in Medical Office Assistance from an accredited college in Canada, and are able to perform a number of tasks including, but not limited to recording and monitoring vital signs, visual acuity tests, urinalysis, medical lab specimen collection and processing, as well as many other medical office tasks.

Medical Office Assistants work in teams with physicians and nurses to facilitate the scheduling of patients' appointments and the progress of their consultations and procedures.


Medical Office Assistants are not receptionists. Only those in possession of a diploma in Medical Office Assistance from an accredited college in Canada or in possession of a diploma in Medical Assistance from an accredited college in the USA may work at CRMC as MOAs. The only exceptions to this rule are Registered Health Care Aides (RHCAs) who possess a certificate in Health Care Aide from an accredited institution, and holders of a college diploma in pharmacy technician or pharmacy assistant with specific skills that are required at CRMC. For more information regarding the minimum requirements and qualifications needed to work as an MOA at CRMC, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

  • What can our Medical Office Assistants do?

    • Schedule and confirm medical appointments

    • Enter and format electronically based medical reports and correspondence

    • Prepare spreadsheets and documents for review

    • Interview patients in order to complete forms, documents and case histories

    • Complete insurance and other claim forms

    • Initiate and maintain confidential medical files and records

    • Prepare draft agendas for meetings and take, transcribe and distribute minutes

    • Prepare financial statements and billing

    • Establish and maintain various internal office administrative support procedures such as document tracking and filing and monthly reporting

    • Order supplies and maintain inventory

    • Determine and establish office procedures and routines

    • May supervise and train other staff in procedures and in use of current software.

    • ​Take a full patient medical history (HPC, PMH, FM, SH, SxH, RxH, AH);

    • Collect and record vital signs from patients as appropriate;

    • Prepare patients for the medical consultation;

    • Collect and process specimen samples as appropriate;

    • Screen patients for signs of stroke or myocardial infarction according to a pre-approved protocol and screening tool;

    • Prescreen patients for UTI symptoms to triage them to either the pharmacist prescriber or to the Urgent Care Centre when walk-ins are not available in the clinic;

    • Carry out restricted activities under the supervision of a physician when appropriately and specifically trained to do so (as per Section "1a and c" of the Supervision of Restricted Activities - Standard of Practice of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (2017).

  • Is it safe for me to share medical or personal information with a Medical Office Assistant?

Medical Office Assistants are bound by the same confidentiality laws that physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals must abide by.


Even though they may sometimes be sitting at a reception, Medical Office Assistants are trained members of staff who have completed a diploma in Medical Office Assistance at an accredited college in Canada.


The profession is not yet regulated in Alberta, however, as an additional requirement, and to be able to legally offer POP CoRN services together with the Nurses, CRMC's Medical Office Assistants must either already hold registration with the Alberta Health Care Aide Directory or be enrolled in the Competency Assessment Program leading to professional registration as an HCA. This means that while the MOA profession is not regulated, our MOAs are still regulated members of staff with a code of conduct and legal/professional responsibilities.


Therefore, you are safe to share personal or medical information with an MOA when required to do so. Whatever you say to the MOA will remain with the MOA and with the physician or nurse who cares for you. The MOA will keep your information safe at all times and will deal with it in a professional manner as expected of a trained health care member of staff.

Edil G. Tafesse Results-Safe until June 2024 MEWS Certificate - Injectable Acceptance
BSc MIS, HCA Diploma, MOA Diploma- Registered HCA (🇨🇦#27768)

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Technology, Edil continued her studies and obtained a diploma in Health Care Aide, and then, in Medical Office Assistant.

Edil is a very caring, affable, determined, and meticulous individual with very compassionate attitude toward patients, and we are very delighted to have her working with us at CRMC.

This team member can assist you in:



Minimum Requirements and Qualifications*:

  • Canadian Medical Office Assistant Diploma


  • US Medical Assistant Diploma


  • Canadian Health Care Aide Certificate or foreign equivalent accepted by the AHCAD


  • Staff members of CSDM who complete an accredited Diploma in Medical Secretary**


  • Staff members of CSDM who participate in the Staff-Sharing Initiative between CRMC and CSDM.***

* In addition to the Minimum Requirements listed above, all our Medical Office Assistants must work toward obtaining registration with the Alberta Health Care Aide Directory - AHCAD (soon to be absorbed into the College of Licensed Practical Nurses and Health Care Aides of Alberta) - Applicants for temporary positions may have some of these requirements waived.

** These must complete a 5-module certification free of charge during the first 90 days of employment at CRMC in order to continue to work as MOAs at CRMC, or they must complete the CRMC PhA-to-MOA Conversion Certificate.

*** These must complete a 1-module certification free of charge in order to be allowed to work as MOAs at CRMC.

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