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The Clinical Management at CRMC
NOC-2021 Code 30010
Dawid Karczewski, RN
BScN (Hons), MD, MSc FamMed
Clinical Manager
Initially trained as a Registered Nurse in the United Kingdom, Dawid continued his medical education in Europe achieving his Medical Degree in 2016.


After having completed the Master of Science in Family Medicine at McGill University, in Montreal, where he undertook a special course in Global Health Policy and Community Health Management, Dawid has accepted the role of practice manager in our clinic.


He is also our professional training co-ordinator, playing a key role in conceptualizing, planning, setting up, organizing and delivering professional training modules for our Medical Office Assistants to allow them to progress professionally, acquiring new transferable clinical skills.


Being trained both as a nurse and as a physician, he is strongly passionate about interprofessional collaboration in the delivery of healthcare. He is the member who introduced the rest of the clinicians to the multi-professional provision of patient-centred care to this clinic, the first of its kind in Calgary.


He is your first point of contact for clinical support, education and training, as well as administrative, managerial, and conflict-resolution matters in the clinic.

Anita Sondej
MOA Diploma, HCA Diploma - Registered HCA (🇨🇦#65519)
Deputy Clinical Manager
After having trained as a Medical Office Assistant and as a Health Care Aide and having obtained the relative qualifications, Anita has for many years worked in assisted living settings helping the elderly in our community. 
Known for her caring, gentle, and dedicated attitude, she has now joined CRMC to help our patients, especially those with reduced English skills, to access medical services. Anita is your point of contact if you speak Polish and need help with specific issues that you may find difficult to communicate in English.
In August 2023, Anita has accepted the role of Deputy Clinical Manager.

This team member can assist you in:



This team member can assist you in:



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