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1) Whose responsibility is ICP at CRMC?​

ICP is the responsibility of everyone. Every member of staff be they MOAs, Nurses, Physicians, Volunteers, or Students, are responsible for the infection control and prevention at CRMC. Everyone must participate to the best of their abilities to keep the environment clean and disinfected.

2) Are there particular areas in CRMC that are the responsibility of a specific staff group?

Even though ICP is the responsibility of everyone everywhere at CRMC, according to the CRMCASIC protocol, some areas are to be regularly monitored and disinfected by a particular group. For example:

- The groups responsible for the red areas of CRMC are Physicians, Nurses, MOAs, Clinical Managers, Students, and Volunteers.

- The group responsible for the orange areas are MOAs and any other member of staff who is available to do so at any given time.

- The green areas are the responsibility of everyone who soils them, and of the ICPSO at the end of every shift.

3) What products may be used to clean surfaces in between patients by clinical staff?

The products that are approved at CRMC for the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces by clinical staff members are:

- Microban 24h

- Isopropyl Alcohol 70%

- Caviwipes or Clorox or Lysol wipes

When Microban 24h is applied, only surfaces that are visibly soiled must be first cleaned, and then a new layer of Microban 24h must be re-applied.

When physicians clean a bed that was visibly soiled, they are more likely to use Caviwipes or Clorox or Lysol wipes. If so, they should not pull the paper sheet on top of the bed. This will signal to the MOAs that the room has already been disinfected by a physician and that it is ready for the next patient. However, the MOAs must remember to apply Microban 24h again on that bed either before or after the next patient.

4) What should be the preferred method to disinfect all surfaces and medical electronics at CRMC?

All clinical staff members should use as a first line method Microban 24h. Microban 24h will be applied by MOAs or any other member of staff available at the time to do so, once daily (preferably in the early afternoon) in each room and common areas on:

- beds

- desks

- door handles

- keyboards

- sink countertops

- other countertops

- plastic chairs

If a surface is visibly soiled, Isopropyl Alcohol should be used first to clean the surface, and then, Microban 24h should be applied to it. When MOAs apply Microban 24h, they should fill out the laminated chart of daily disinfection cycle. The name of the MOA who carried out the cleaning should be written in each space that was disinfected by the MOA. If any other member of staff applies new Microban 24h after having cleaned a soiled surface with alcohol or wipes, they do not need to fill out the daily chart with their name.

Please, note that if you clean any soiled surface with alcohol or wipes, you must always re-apply Microban 24h before leaving that surface and considering it ready for use.

Please, note that with the exception of beds, if a physician cleans any surface with alcohol or wipes, they must re-apply Microban 24h before leaving that room and considering it ready for use. For beds, physicians who only have time to wipe the soiled surface with alcohol or wipes, do not need to re-apply Microban 24h before leaving the room. If they do not re-apply Microban 24h, though, they must not pull a new paper sheet on the bed to signal to the MOAs that the bed is disinfected but does not have Microban 24h applied on it.

5) How should you apply Microban 24h or Isopropyl Alcohol to a surface?

Either should be sprayed first on a paper towel and when sufficient quantity is applied, the towel should be used to wipe the substance on the surface. When the towel starts to dry, more substance should be sprayed on it. Please, start from the cleaner surface moving to the dirtier surface. Exchange towel is visibly collecting dirt. Do not spray either substance directly onto the surface.

6) Where should Microban 24h bottles be kept?

Microban 24h bottles should be stored both behind the front desk and at the nursing station. The bottles of the front desk will be used for room 1-4, while the bottles stored at the nursing station will be used for rooms 5-8.

7) Who is responsible for ordering new supplies of Microban 24h, Isopropyl Alcohol 70%, and wipes?

The supplies manager of CRMC is Lani. In her absence, please request them via the CMOD. The supplies are ordered through CSDM.

8) Are these rules subject to change?

Like every other rules at CRMC, these also are subject to change any moment. The reason why they may be changed is to ever improve the service offered at CRMC. When rules are changed at CRMC, their relevant information page is also updated. In the case of these rules changing, this page will be updated.

9) I have further questions; who can I ask?

If you have further questions, please ask the CMOD.

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