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As an additional service, and in order to increase access to healthcare services in the community, starting in December 2021, we will be able to offer a Registered Nurse-Led Walk-In Clinic to all patients who cannot find a free slot with one of our Physicians or Nurse Practitioner on duty. A highly trained Registered Nurse with postgraduate training in family or emergency medicine will be able to see you and follow a pre-set protocol of care, take your history and perform a medical exam. After formulating a diagnosis, the nurse would either discuss the diagnosis with you according to a pre-set protocol or, in some special cases and when required, discuss your case with one of our physicians, and then, initiate or recommend a treatment. 


  • Diagnosis and treatment of ailments and injuries as per approved tools

  • Prescriptions

  • Referrals

Length of Appointments

  • 30 minutes minimum


  • Must be booked only when the patient is present in the clinic.

Service Fee

  • There is no service fee for this service.


  • There is no appointment required for this service.

Please, read below to learn more about how our Nurse-led walk-in service is regulated.


Statement of Legal and Professional Compliance

Cranston Ridge Medical Clinic (CRMC) is committed to providing the highest level of healthcare delivery in complete compliance with both federal and provincial laws and regulations from bodies governing the health professions represented in the clinic.


In the spirit of offering professional opportunities, taking full advantage of the ever-expanding role of the Registered Nurse in Alberta, and at the light of the concluding statement from the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA) in their "Scope of Practice for Registered Nurses" (2011) – "The scope of practice of registered nurses is determined by the needs and health goals of their clients and is limited only by the specific competencies of the individual registered nurse to perform the activities necessary for the client population with whom that nurse works, within applicable legislation and agency policy" – CRMC is dedicated to offering competent Registered Nurses the opportunity to expand their role in the community by offering primary care services such as minor acute and chronic ailments assessment and treatment in a Nurse-led walk-in service.


This protocol serves as a specific framework to be used by all the professionals involved in subscribing, implementing, adopting and reviewing it in compliance with the Alberta Health Professions Act (2000), which specifies both the scope of practice and the restricted activities that a Registered Nurse may perform. As a result, this protocol aims to fully comply with the Health Professions Act (2000) and with all the regulations from CRNA, guided by the intention to aide in the expansion of the nursing profession and its increased utilization in the primary care setting.

Statement of Quality and Safety Assurance

The present Protocol has been cross-checked for standards of quality and safety assurance by different professionals representing the Medical, Nursing, and Pharmacy professions to guarantee a multi-professional approach to patient-centered, safely delivered care.

Statement on Advancing Primary Health Care

Based on the CRNA (2008) statements concerning the role of Registered Nurses in the Expansion of Primary Health Care, and in particular those declarations regarding equitable access to health services, integration of health services, intersectional collaboration, health promotion, illness and injury prevention, and the establishment of interprofessional teams of health care providers, CRMC is committed to implementing new changes that will allow for Registered Nurses to utilize their unique professional preparation and role in a more accessible system of health care delivery.



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