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Canadian Experience Program for Internationally Educated Nurses

Are you a Registered Nurse who is new to Canada and looking for Canadian experience to put on your CV to find employment in this province? CRMC has a program specific to your needs. You can gain RN experience at our facility through our Canadian Experience Program (CEP), which will transition you from internationally trained to a Canada-experienced RN. You will be able to use this to find employment as a Registered Nurse elsewhere after you complete the CEP. In addition, you will gain hours necessary to renew your license with the CRNA. The nurse manager will help you to achieve all your competencies and build your CV and personal portfolio to maximize your chances of success at your next job interview after you complete the CEP. This program is offered free of charge but it is non-remunerated!

Our program now has two pathways!

  • The first pathway (OPTION 1) is for those who have less than 3,000 hours of RN practice since graduation or simply wish to get enough hours to renew their RN permit in Alberta.

  • The second pathway (OPTION 2) is available to those who have more than 3,000 hours of RN practice since graduation; this pathway allows applicants to train to become RN prescribers, be placed as volunteer RN prescribers at one of the participating sites in South Calgary, and be prioritized for admission to the NP program of Athabasca University on completion of 5,000 hours of RN practice at these locations.

The program of the pathway for Option 1 allows you to:

The program of the pathway for Option 2, instead, has more details on this page.

In addition, Option 1 includes also the following online and in-person courses that will help you build on your knowledge and skills and improve your CV:

  • Diploma in Clinical Nursing Skills - Accredited by the MEDCoE of the US Army

  • Nursing Studies, Communication and Transcultural Factors - Accredited by the MEDCoE of the US Army

  • Consent Training in Health Care - Accredited by Apex Learning

  • Physical Examination - Accredited by the MEDCoE of the US Army

  • BLS Provider certification - Accredited by Heart & Stroke

  • English Language for Healthcare - Offered by Study Hub (for graduates who come from non-English speaking countries)

In order for you to apply for entry to this program for both Option 1 and Option 2, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must be already licensed by the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta and hold a full and unrestricted RN license. A Graduate Nurse (GN) license is not accepted for this program

  2. You must be one of the following

    • a Canadian citizen (Canadian citizens will be required to send in a copy of their Canadian passport and Alberta Driver's Licence)

    • a Permanent resident of Canada (Canadian permanent residents will be required to send in a copy of their foreign passport, PR card, and Alberta Driver's Licence)

  3. You must be a resident of either Calgary, Okotoks, Diamond Valley, High River, Chestermere, Priddis, Airdrie, or Bragg Creek ​

  4. You must pass our interview and all stages of our hiring process

  5. You must obtain a clear FAMA-enhanced background check (applicants will have to pay $92 admin fee for this step)

  6. You must be immunized by the first day of training - applicants may download the form here

  7. You must hold a BLS license that is valid on the first day of the program

  8. You must complete the WHMIS certification

  9. If you are placed at Pureform Radiology, you must complete an additional online course.

If you meet requirements number 1 and 2, and you are interested in this opportunity, apply below. If you meet the basic criteria, and your application is shortlisted, we will contact you for an interview.

Option 1 is 480-hour long and may be completed in three months, 40 hours per week, on a full-time basis. However, applicants who successfully complete the CEP but wish to remain on it after its completion to maintain their skills up to date and achieve the practice hours needed to renew their license while looking for paid positions elsewhere or those who need to remain on the program in order to complete their top-up degree, are welcome to do so on a full or part-time basis (Post-CEP Retention Program or PCEPRP). The PCEPRP requires you to complete 5 hours a week, which meets the minimum requirement to maintain 1,125 hours of currency of practice over the 5 years needed to renew the license with the CRNA. The Post-CEP Retention Program, at times, may be remunerated.

CRMC is also looking for other clinic partners to expand this program to other locations in Alberta. South Calgary PCN has agreed to mediate this process for Family Medicine clinics in Calgary. Pureform Radiology has also agreed to adopt the CEP-IEN portion of the program at their locations. CRMC is awaiting written confirmation from both SCPCN and Pureform Radiology to IENs to apply for admission.

Please, note that if you only hold an RN Diploma, and not a BScN, or BSN, or BN, you are very unlikely to find a job in Canada as a Registered Nurse. You may still apply to this program, but we strongly suggest that you complete the Post-RN Bachelor of Nursing at Athabasca University. You may decide to remain in the program until you complete your RN-to-BScN top-up degree, as you will need to be currently practising in Canada to be able to complete the Athabasca University program.

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Integrated CEP and IRNP.png
CEP-IEN and integrated IRNP-FM programs currently offered at CRMC
CEP-IEN vs Pre-CEP.png
Differences between CEP and Pre-CEP
CRMC Proposed Strategy for IENs through SCPCN.png
Proposed CEP-IEN and integrated
IRNP-FM programs through SCPCN and Pureform Radiology awaiting approval
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