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Supervised Practice Program for Internationally Educated Nurses

Are you seeking licensure in Alberta as a Registered Nurse and you have completed all requirements needed but you do not have enough currency of practice? CRMC has applied to be approved by CRNA to accept RNs to our unpaid Supervised Practice Program (SPP) for IENs. This program is not yet available at this clinic but we are confident that the CRNA will approve us soon. 

Requirements & Conditions

As a participant in the program, you must commit to these requirements:

  1. You meet all registration requirements except currency of practice.

  2. You will have to demonstrate that you have practised as an RN within ten (10) years preceding the date of your application. Evidence of practice includes a letter from an employer, manager or human resource member from your last place of employment.

  3. We will require you to complete pre-requisite education modules.

  4. We will assign you to a preceptor responsible for confirming your supervised practice hours and competency.

  5. You will obtain an RN permit from the CRNA with a condition of “restricted practice to CRMC for 150 hours of supervised practice”.

  6. You must complete 150 hours of supervised practice within three months.

  7. You will not supervise others or accept an assignment of charge nurse duties.

  8. When the 150 supervised practice hours have been met, your preceptor will complete the CRNA evaluation before the condition is removed.

For more information from the CRNA, you can click here and here.

The program is 150-hour long and may be completed in between 4 weeks and 3 months, either on a full-time or part-time basis. However, applicants who successfully complete the SPP but wish to demonstrate more RN practice experience on their CV, may move onto the Canadian Experience Program for IENs or CEP after completing this one on a part-time basis while applying for paid positions elsewhere. Those who need to complete their top-up degree, are also able to move onto the CEP on a part-time basis.

Please, note that if you only hold an RN Diploma, and not a BScN, or BSN, or BN, you are very unlikely to find a job in Canada as a Registered Nurse. You may still apply to this program, but we strongly suggest that you complete the Post-RN Bachelor of Nursing at Athabasca University. You may decide to move onto the CEP until you complete your RN-to-BScN top-up degree as you will need to be currently practicing in Canada to be able to complete the Athabasca University program.

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