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  • Ask: "could you please tell me the country of citizenship and the status in Canada, for example, student, worker, visitor, or refugee?"

    • If refugee, please refer to Santimed Medical Clinic 403-388-9694 or Marlborough Medical Clinic 403-541-6001 as currently, our number for refugees is not working.

    • If they are not sure what status they have or are applying for in Canada, ask them to provide their IME or UCI number and then, check on e-medical.

    • Check for country list.


  • Offer day and time of available spot and state the following: “please be advised that the fee is $230 per person; this fee must be paid before booking this appointment, and once paid, the fee cannot be refunded for any reason at all no matter what. If you wish to first get more information, you can check our dedicated web page at Please, let me know if you wish to proceed with the booking”.

    • If they wish to proceed, take payment, and move on to next point.


  • Complete demographic page on EMR and place patient as “temporary” without any primary care provider. Then, book appointment under “Immigration Canada (D)” or “Immigration New Zealand (D)”.


  • Remember to ask if they are applying for extension of the same status or if they are applying for a different status.


  • Advise applicant to send a copy of the following documents to

    • Copy of biodata page of passport (the page with the picture)

    • Copy of visa and residence/work/study permit

    • Copy of COVID-19 vaccine certificate (for Canada only)


  • Tell patients that they will receive an automatic reply within 5 minutes if they send the documents to the correct email address. If they do not receive an automatic reply within 5 minutes, they must call back to check the email address. When they receive the email, they must click on the link in the email and read everything very carefully and bring all the documents mentioned on the page at the appointment.

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